12 beautiful gifts for Lord of the Rings fans

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indigo print rivendell mug gift for fans of lord of the rings

While putting together my bookish gift collections for 2023, one author has come up a lot: J.R.R. Tolkien.

Now, maybe there’s some bias here. I love all things Middle Earth, so perhaps it’s not surprising that I’ve come across so many unique gift ideas inspired by Tolkien’s beloved universe. But there are just so many lovely bookish gifts with a Lord of the Rings theme!

Featuring high-quality goods for special and thoughtful gifts – many of which are from independent businesses – here are some of the best LOTR-themed gifts for fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

From hand-crafted Rivendell mugs to second breakfast t-shirts and more, let’s dig into it…

The best gifts for Lord of the Rings fans in 2023

Winter in the Shire tea stocking stuffer

One of the best stocking stuffers for Lord of the Rings fans I’ve come across is the delightfully bookish tea from the US-based store SteepedinLoreCo on Etsy.

The Winter in the Shire gift pack includes delicious blends including “Snowfall O’er Bag End” (spiced fruit) and “Bilbo’s Gingerbread” (gingerbread chai).

For more tea to enjoy, the “Well Earned Comforts” selection includes the blends “Pippin” (chocolate chai) and “Merry” (vanilla rose).

A beautiful Rivendell mug with Elvish script

So we’ve covered tea, but what about where to drink it? UK-based Oscha is the best producer of Lord of the Rings-inspired mugs I’ve come across. Or maybe any mugs; they’re fantastically well-made and capacious enough for generous servings of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

I’ve been drinking my morning green tea every morning in this beautiful Rivendell mug, featuring Elvish text which is a quote from Bilbo: “Time doesn’t seem to pass here: it just is.” You can find the full collection of Tolkien-themed mugs here.

“Speak friend and enter” wooden bookmark

Featuring the iconic “speak friend and enter” line from The Lord of the Rings, this beautiful bamboo wood bookmark is handmade in Spain by the Etsy seller WoodenWorldsES.

The Worlds of J. R. R. Tolkien: The Places That Inspired Middle-earth by John Garth

If you’re looking for book gifts for Tolkien fans, The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien by John Garth is simply stunning. Complete with breathtaking illustrations, including Tolkien’s own drawings, this is a gorgeous look at the locales that inspired Hobbiton, the elven valley of Rivendell, the Glittering Caves of Helm’s Deep, and many other settings in Middle-earth.

Drawing on Garth’s deep knowledge of Tolkien’s life and travels, this extraordinary book offers an immersive adventure into the life and imagination of the beloved writer.

Lord of the Rings engraved pencil set

One of the best small gifts or stocking stuffers for Lord of the Rings fans is this lovely set of Tolkien-themed pencils from IceyDesigns on Etsy (dispatches from the US).

Hand-printed on hex pencils (that won’t roll off your desk) with shimmery silver and gold foil on gorgeous LOTR-inspired shades, these are the perfect addition to any cozy desk.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (The Folio Society edition)

the hobbit folio society edition

One of the most special gifts for any Lord of the Rings fan is this stunning edition of The Hobbit by The Folio Society. Produced in an extraordinarily well-made hardcover edition complete with classic illustrations by Eric Fraser and endpapers showing Thrór’s Map and Wilderland, this is a very special book to treasure.

The Shire large canvas tote bag

“For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow…” Is there a better bookish tote bag for fans of Tolkien? This beautiful large canvas tote bag is the perfect gift for Lord of the Rings lovers, featuring a wonderfully verdant illustration of The Shire in a soft green print, evoking days spent gardening, drinking tea, and retreating indoors for cozy evenings.

The Silmarillion: Illustrated by J.R.R. Tolkien

As the forerunner to The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion is less likely to be on the shelves of a casual Tolkien fan than his most renowned works. However, it’s a wonderful read to fill in the background of The Lord of the Rings and introduce key characters – especially in this very special edition, printed in full-color and with illustrations by J.R.R. Tolkien himself.

The Shire bookmarks by GoldFarthing

the shire charming watercolor bookmarks for LOTR fans

Just one more set of beautiful bookmarks for fans of Lord of the Rings… These gorgeous double-sided Shire bookmarks by GoldFarthing (a UK-based Etsy store) contain a charmingly cozy watercolour illustration on one side and a calligraphy quote on the other, penned in the typical rustic script of The Shire.

What About Second Breakfast? T-shirt

Another of the best gifts for Lord of the Rings fans is this lovely unisex t-shirt by jaclynneanne on Etsy (US seller), especially those partial to a second breakfast. The shop also sells a matching mug that’s just as delightful.

The Shire candle by Bookishly

Bookishly (UK store) is one of the best producers of literary gifts, especially candles. The perfect choice for Hobbit fans is this Shire candle with notes of rose petals and raspberry that will transport you on a magical and cozy fantasy adventure.

Bottled in an amber apothecary-style jar with a brown kraft label, the lovely container is perfect to reuse after the candle’s 50 hours of burn time.

Pictures by J.R.R Tolkien (Selection and text by Christopher Tolkien)

Pictures by J.R.R Tolkien is a stunningly beautiful book, as well as a thoughtful gift for Tolkien fans who you know have all of the author’s fiction already. I’d recommend this choice as a perfect coffee table book or gentle read to relax with at bedtime, and as you flick through these beautiful pages, you’ll absolutely feel inspired by the author’s evocative original illustrations.

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